The OKOA TOTO Project

Basic Questions Answered

Why Lumakanda?


Lumakanda is a vastly underserved region of Kenya and OKOA TOTO Inc., will be the first children's home in the immediate area  . . . the need is huge!

Where is Lumakanda?


Lumakanda is in Kenya's Western Region about 350 KM (217 miles) from Nairobi. It is in the Lugari District which has a projected population of 170,000 people (2009 census listed at 107,000). Lumakanda's population is projected at 40,000 people (2009 census at 29,000). Lumakanda is about a 30-40 minute drive to Eldoret.

Is This An Orphanage?


No, our initial project is a Children's Home not an Orphanage. Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances will be selected based on need and will remain connected to their immediate community and wider family as much as possible. The goal is to have each child continue in this home environment until their education and welfare are secured. 

What About Grants?


The OKOA TOTO Board of Director's is hoping to raise enough money to offer grants for other worthwhile projects in the area. While details are still being worked out, as to criteria and application process, it is intended that such grants will widen and deepen the OKOA TOTO footprint in the Lumakanda area.


What We Are Working On


Design/Acquire/Construct A Sustainable Building

On 1/2 to 1 acre of land within walking distance of a public or private school.

Go Live in Lumakanda

Select the staff and 6-12 children, ages 4-8, to live there.


Synchronize fundraising needs and timing while creating an ongoing relationship with donors that goes beyond the transaction of their gift(s).

Financial Discipline

Establish protocols, processes, and practices to ensure the highest standards of integrity while administering cashflow requirements and needs.


Provide for a strong, diverse, and talented Board of Directors while defining decision making authority from top to bottom within the OKOA TOTO organization.

 Okoa Toto has secured a 1/2 acre parcel of land and the construction of the building began on on August 12, 2019.  A groundbreaking service and Blessing of the Project was attended by the construction crew, members of the Advisory Council and selected area leaders.